We were hit hard when our 8.5 year old Goldendoodle, Shannon Lulu was diagnosed with cancer. She deteriorated suddenly. When the time came, we did not want to distress her further by transporting her to the vet. We wanted her to be as comfortable as possible, surrounded by her loving family at home. We contacted Dr. Susan Holt. She was responsive, communicative and accommodating. She emailed us the necessary paperwork to complete prior to her arrival. We did not know what to expect of the procedure. When she arrived, we instantly recognized her deep nature of compassion. She explained the procedure and gave us all the time we needed with our beloved Shannon. The day after, she contacted us to see how we were doing. She wanted stories about our Shannon. This request by her touched us. Sharing stories of our girl with her actually reduced the magnitude of our grief. We hope to one day have another furry baby to love. When the time comes to have to travel down this road again, we now have peace of mind because we know who to call. Thank you Dr. Holt for taking care of us, especially our Shannon Lulu.
My dog and best friend Rondo went from a healthy and handsome 100 pounds to 77 pounds in a few weeks do to 80% of liver failure. After discussing the options with my vet, a friend recommended at home end of life care and I contacted Dr. Susan Holt. She came to my house for a consultation and after going over the options again with her I decided euthanasia was the best option for my beloved Rondo. Dr. Holt handled the whole procedure with such grace and dignity even when two grown men broke out in tears she stayed and comforted my roommate and myself until the tears were gone. I still think of Rondo everyday but I am so happy he got to go at home in peace rather than at some animal hospital.
I don't normally take time to YELP but I cannot say enough good things about this special service and Dr. Holt. She was so caring, knowledgeable and truly had a gift with loved ones (human and furry). When I lost my puppy she comforted me, re-assured me, and made sense of it all. I truly would have been LOST without her. Her compassion and knowledge is unparelled as a vet and as a guide for such a hard time. If you ever have to go through such a tough time you are lucky to find a gem like Dr. Holt.
We recently had to put down our sweet maine coon after 15 years. We could not believe how fast his health turned. We were grief stricken. Then we found this service. Dr. Susan Holt was amazing. Thank goodness we found her. She explained everything before it happened, answered all of our questions and never rushed us one bit. She was very compassionate, gentle and accommodating. Saying goodbye at home was by far the best decision we could have made for our precious friend and I would highly recommend doing it at home if you can. She even handled the crematory process for us. As hard as it was to say goodbye, Dr. Susan Holt was heaven sent. We would recommend hands down!!!!
Dr. Holt and her assistant Julie made our dog Chester’s end of life as humane and peaceful as possible. From the moment she arrived, Dr. Holt spent time explaining the process with us and gave us plenty of time with our dog Chester throughout the process. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience for end of life. Her compassion and professionalism were exemplary. Thank you Dr. Holt for providing such a valuable service.